20-Year-Old Cyst Of A Woman Gets Removed On Live TV!

A woman decided to seek medical treatment because of the gigantic cyst that grew on the side of her head. It was the same size of an egg. The cyst started off from a small bump, but grew bigger when she bumped her head onto something when she was a teenager. 

Desiree decided to appear on the medical TV Show 'The Doctors' to see what they could do to lead her to recovery. 

The show led her to a Doctor named Sandra Lee, who is a Skin Physician And Surgeon in California. She claims that the cyst did not put her life in danger. It is made up of layers of skin.

The doctor just said, "Let's just take it off!" and proceeded to the operation. 

The audiences of the show could not help but cover their mouth as a sign of disgust to what was inside the cyst. 

Source: TheDoctors

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