They Were On A Flight 30, 000 Feet Above The Ground, Suddenly A Flash Mob Proposal Happened! One Of A Kind!

Men are becoming more and more creative with their wedding proposal nowadays. This page featured a lot of sweet proposal before. But none of it was done in an airplane during a flight. 

Rizky knew that Yudith was the girl that she wanted to spend the rest of his life with. So with their flight for Valentine's day, he planned to pop the question. 

Rizky excused himself to go the restroom and left Yudith alone. 

Then, the passengers started dancing and singing to the tune of 'Marry You' by Glee. It started a flash mob involving the passengers of the flight. 

Yudith had no idea what was happening. Until Rizky came back from the restroom and started dancing with them.

Then he popped the question, 'Will you marry me?'. Yudith said yes!

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