4-Year-Old Girl Lectures Dad About Being A Flower Girl. She's So Adorable!

We've seen the viral video of how a kid lectured her parents about their life as divorced couples, which is indeed entertaining and heartwarming right?

Meanwhile, another video of a little girl is making rounds on the internet and is already making other people smile

This video shows a 4-year-old girl named Jojo who acts as a flower girl and takes her role seriously.

Jojo lectures her dad about her role as a flower girl. She explains to her dad that she doesn't want anyone or anything to interrupt her while walking down the aisle, as she's busy throwing flowers. 

She also claims that her role shouldn't be taken lightly because a flower girl is important.

“You don’t understand weddings… at all. Okay? You don’t understand them,” The little girl told her dad.

This is indeed the most adorable video of a four-year-old girl ever.

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