After He Proposed To A Single Mom, This Man Asked His Fiance's Child To Be His Daughter Forever!

If you are about to enter a commitment with a single parent, it always comes down to whether you will get along with their children.

They are like a package. The kids will always be a part of the deal. If you really love that person, you will be willing to accept him or her along with their children.

Some people really would like to show how much they love not only their partner but their children as we. William Ledbetter proposed to his fiancee on their 2nd anniversary.

His girlfriend Paige already said 'Yes' but he knew that the is another girl that he needs to get approval from.

Another 'Yes' must come from Paige's 5-year old daughter Maddie. William told her that he had proposed to her mom, then he took out a ring and asked the little child “You want to be my daughter forever, too?”.

Maddie got excited and happy. She claims that the ring fits her perfectly.

This only shows that there are men out there who is willing to love not only their partner, but everyone that is a part of their lives as well.

Source:  KickerDaily

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