An Ancient Egyptian City That Was Lost 1,200 Years Ago Was Finally Found! Incredible!!

In one of our classes in History, we are taught that there is an Ancient Egyptian City that was lost under the Mediterranean 1,200 years ago.

But some archaeologists are determined to prove that this underwater Ancient Egyptian City really does exist. These men dove underwater to find evidence that will prove their claims.

Photo Credit: Franck Goddio

They found several statues that belongs in the legendary port of Heracleion. The archaeologists are now revealing the past behind these statues that they found underwater.

The city that they were referring to is a unique and one of a kind city of wealth named Thonis which was mentioned by Herodotus. The lost city was found 150ft under the sea, which was located in the western part of Aboukir Bay, Egypt.

Photo Credit: Franck Goddio

A sunken ship was also found there along with the remains of ancient people. This might have happened when they were having trade of gold coins and bronze materials inside the ship.

Photo Credit: Franck Goddio

The statues that they found are 16 feet tall, but there are other smaller statues which the people claims that are minor Gods.

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