Angelica Yap AKA 'Pastillas Girl' is also an ALDUB FAN!

The fans had been comparing the two hottest trends on noon time television now. It includes 'Pastillas Girl' and the loveteam 'AlDub'. 

But did you know that just like you, Angelica Yap is also one of the fans of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza?

This can be supported by the tweets of Pastillas girl before she appeared on Showtime. The tweets are dated back in September 5. 

She claims that she immediately fell in love with the chemistry that Yaya Dub and Alden has. 

The first post that she had was also the first time that she saw the tandem and she admitted that she really fell for it. 

Photo Credit: LionHearTV

After that, several tweets followed that is related to 'AlDub'. She also agrees with Lola Nidora on her insights about the love that Alden has for Yaya Dub. 

Photo Credit: LionHearTV

The 'AlDub Nation' quickly responded welcoming her. They even claim that the comparison should stop because she is also a fan. 

Photo Credit: LionHearTV

Source: LionHearTV

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