Blind Patient Asked The Nurse To Look Out The Window And Tell Him What She Sees, Her Answer Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes!

People tend to take for granted the things that they have in their lives such as having eyes to see all the beautiful moments around them. 

But what more if you are a blind person stuck in the hospital who could not see anything but total darkness. 

In times of darkness there is one person that could brighten up their world. A perfect example of this is the story of Mr. Johnson, a blind man in the hospital and he has a roommate named Murray. 

Everyday Murray would tell Mr. Johnson what he sees in the park. He carefully narrates every detail as if it was written in a story book. 

Mr. Johnson was thrilled by the stories of Murray. It became a hobby and he surely loved it. 

But Murray needed to undergo a treatment and he did not make it. A nurse came into their room and Mr. Johnson asked her to open the window and tell him what is happening outside.

The nurse opened it and what she saw was a brick wall. That was when Mr. Johnson realized that everything was made up by his roommate to lighten up her day. 

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