She was Walking Down The Aisle With Her Father. Then She Grabbed Something On Her Left Hand! WHOA!!

The wedding is a ceremony where two people ties a knot which will be the symbol that they are willing to stay by each other's side until the end of their time in this life..

But it is never impossible to create or plan something new for a very special day. It has been a trend to mix the traditional wedding with the modern techniques of the new generations. 

For their special day, Maria Holand Tosse wanted to make their wedding extra special. As she walked down the aisle a microphone can be seen at her left hand. She opened her mouth and started singing for the man of her life. 

There are other weddings that have a wedding singer but this one is not the usual type of wedding for it is the bride who is singing for her groom. 

This quickly became viral because of the unique surprise of the bride.

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