Bride Wears 120-year-old Magical Wedding Gown..She Is The 11th Women In Her Family To Use!

It has been a tradition to wear something old during a wedding ceremony, but for Abigail Kingston it is not just about the tradition, it is about the love of family.

On her special day, Abigail Kingston is the 11th bride to use the 120-year old wedding dress that was passed on throughout the years generation after generation. 

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The dress was first used in 1895. When Abigail got the dress it was not in good condition. She claims that there were a lot of holes and tears. 

“I’m just not going to be able to wear it…. The sleeves looked like rags. It feels like the Cinderella dress,” Abbigail claimed. 

Photo Credit: BoredPanda

Despite of these factors, Abigail continued to use the dress. She had to replace the sleeves. 

Photo Credit: BoredPanda

For Abigail's mother named Leslie, it is not only the dress that is being passed on. “It is a magical wedding dress because she is the 11th bride to wear it,” Leslie said. It is the love for each other that they share by using the same wedding dress. 

Photo Credit: BoredPanda

Now, many brides are inquiring about the wedding dress. They claim that they want to be a part of the list of women who wore this significant wedding gown. 

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