Daughter-In-Law Passed Away Because Her Mother-In-Law Let Her Starve To Death!

A horrific incident took place in China where a mother-in-law starved her daughter-in-law to death for one month. 

According to the story, Tien-Tien was a very beautiful woman who met her husband in 2009 and after a year, they got married and had a charming baby boy. 

But after a blessing came her misery started as well when her husband started dating another woman. It was not just one incident, but it continued happening. She tried to consult it to her mother-in-law, but she claims that it has been just normal for a man to see another woman.

When she and her husband had a huge fight she had a mental breakdown. Treatments could not bring her back to normal. She became bedridden. 

Her mother-in-law did not bother to take care of her because she claims that feeding her was not included in their daily expenses so she just let her starve until she passed away after a month. 

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