Ella Cruz Brought Fire To Showtime Stage After Her Death-Defying Performance!

Ella Cruz was recently dubbed as the 'Teen Dance Princess' when her dance cover of the song 'Twerk It Like Miley' became viral over the social media sites. 

This stunning dance cover made way for people to notice that Ella Cruz is not your ordinary teen actress, but she is also capable of showcasing sick dance moves. 

But Ella showed the world that she is not only capable of twerking. She also performed her death-defying stunts when she claimed the segment of Showtime called C.O.C or Clash of Celebrities. 

Her performance made the audience go crazy and wild. This is by far the most breathtaking stunt that she ever pulled off. 

With a combination of Techno and Jazz, she totally nailed every difficult stunt that was given to her. 

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