Ella Cruz Strikes Another Death Defying Performance In Showtime!

Another death defying stunt was performed by the teen dance princess, Ella Cruz on Showtime's Clash Of Celebrities. 

Along with their animalistic theme, Ella Cruz surprised the viewers as she entered the stage upside down in a tool that brought her to the stage. 

After that, she was flipped and twisted by the backup dancers. But it was not the end. She was thrown like a cheerleader up in the air. 

And when you thought that it was over, she then wrapped his legs and hips on a bamboo which was supported by other members. that she was swayed through the air. Everyone was finding it hard to breathe because of the difficult stunts that she was able to perform

People claim that what she did was really dangerous. Ella Cruz never fails to amaze the people with the performances that she prepared for the show. 

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