It Was Their First Meeting. Instead Of Showing Love, This Is What Happened To Them! HUMILIATING!

They say that first impression lasts. We all have our own fantasies of how we picture our first meet up with someone whom we met online. People claimed that as much as possible they wanted it to be memorable. 

But for this Chinese man and woman, the first meeting that they have did not turn out as how they expected it to be. 

They started communicating when they met each other online. It has been quite some time now. Finally, they decided to take things to the next level. They wanted to meet personally. 

But their excitement turned into disappointment and anger when the two started shouting at each other claiming that they were using fake photos on their profile. 

They made a scene and the passers-by were alarmed by the situation. 

Things are getting out of hand and the arguments are heating up. Their love story would not have a happy ending at all. 

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