It Was Frightening To See How She Washes The Baby. Then I Realized How Incredible It Is!

Giving a bath to a newborn baby is not an easy task. It requires gentle caress on how you would pour water to the newborn child. 

But did you know that there is a continuous research being conducted on how to give a bath to a baby without making them feel alarmed? 

As seen on this video, the Parisian nurse named Sonia Rochel has a different way of washing the newborn babies. 

At first it would seem dangerous and frightening because the technique is very unusual to the eyes. 

But Sonia Rochel is a trained professional. She dedicated many years of her career in developing new techniques on bathing a newborn child. It is a continuous observation and research. 

People claim that this is somehow useful and effective but requires a lot of care and love. 

Source: Rochel Sonia

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