He Puts Mixture Of Alcohol and Vinegar In His Ear For 60 Seconds. The Outcome? It Was Amazing!

Earwax is known to be a dirt inside the ear that needs to be removed. But according to science, earwax helps blocks the dirt, dust and other bacteria that could possibly harm the ear inside. 

They say using Q-tips and cotton buds could help clean the ear but it does not. It only pushes the dirt further into the ear canal. 

Dr. David Hill an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Expert. The perfect remedy to remove earwax could be found inside your home. All you need is a vinegar and rubbing alcohol. 

Mix the two ingredients is a container and drop some of it in your ear for 60 seconds. After that, the earwax will come out of your ear. Dr. Hill claims that this is the treatment that should be given to your ear. 

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