He Planned A Sweet Surprise For His Girlfriend But When He Found Out The Truth, His Heart Was Broken!

A person who is in love will do everything to prove their undying love for that special someone. 

This high school student named Elgene Jayson L. Ergian posted a photo of his surprise in time for the celebration of their first monthsary together with his girlfriend.

He planned a wonderful and sweet surprise by having pictures tied to the balloons. He also rote banners and cards to express how much he truly loves her. 

But everything did not happen as he planned. On the same day, he claims that he found out the truth about his girlfriend. She has a boyfriend for 3 years already.

Elgene already heard a lot of warnings from his friends but did not listen to them because he wanted to prove his love. 

It turns out that he will be the one to be surprised after all. 

Source: Manila Feed

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