He Was Caught In Bed With Her Bestfriend.. What Happened Next Was Unexpected! He Got What He Deserved!

Cheating Pranks are becoming a hobby of every couple. They are constantly finding ways on how they could pull up a trick on their other half to fool them in such a way. 

This man has the plan to prank his girlfriend by using her best friend to play a trick upon her as if he was cheating. 

Everything was already set up, the man and best friend were lying on the bed when the girlfriend opened the door and found the unexpected scene. The man acted out as if he didn't know what was happening.

But then her girlfriend claims that she doesn't want to be with him anymore. She wants to spend her life with her best friend and kissed her. The man was surprised by how things turned out.

He was not expecting this, but his girlfriend and her best friend got him on a prank. 

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