Heartbreaking Video Of A Suicide Bomber Crying Before He Set Off To Kill Himself!

Does being a hero really mean that you have to sacrifice your own life just to win the battle against the enemies

But what if it was the only solution? Would you do it wholeheartedly even though you know that this would be the end for you?

Watch this Uzbek national named Jafar al-Tayyar sacrifice his own life to be able to fulfill the mission that was given to him. 

The mission was to conduct a suicide attack towards the Syrian Villagers of Fua and Kafriyeh. It was ordered by the leader Bukhari Jamaat of a militant group. 

This man was in tears as he bid his final goodbye to his comrades. The people were filming the incident and after a few moments, a huge explosion happened which was a sign that the mission was a success yet they lost their men. 

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