Heartbroken Teenager Discovered That Her Boyfriend Has A Wife And A Child. What She Did Was Shocking!

Teenagers nowadays tend to be more suicidal than before. Sometimes, the reason why is not really a big of a deal but they act like it is the end of the world for them.

In China, a 19-year-old unnamed girl wanted to end her life by jumping off the building of her apartment in Hangzhou. She claims that she doesn't want to live anymore after discovering that her boyfriend is already married and has a 10-year old child.

She climbed on the window of the 3rd floor of her apartment and threatened to jump off. She proudly announces it to the people passing by that she would jump.

The authorities and firefighters to stop the teenager from her attempt in committing suicide

But despite the negotiations and efforts of the people around to stop her, she still jumped off.

Luckily, the firefighters already set up a giant cushion to catch the girl. She landed without any injuries. 

The firefighters really made a great save on the life of this brokenhearted teenager. 

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