She Was An Internet Idol And She Was Always Wearing Her Mask. But This Guy Is The Only One Who Knows The Truth!

In this new generation, it has been a standard of the society to look beautiful in the eyes of other people. A lot of applications are being developed to help boost the confidence of other people who have insecurities.

Meet Lalin, a woman who became an internet idol after she flew to Japan to study. Her life depended on social media trying to claim the likes of other people. 

She used a lot of editing tools on her phone to make her appearance better. But in reality, she couldn't look at her face that is why she always wore a mask. 

In her social media account, she found a man who wanted to be friends with her. Until she showed her true face. The man insisted that she wanted to communicate with her despite her natural face. But she did not agree. 

She went back and the man who is willing to be with her was gone. Lalin looked for him everywhere. See the ending here: 

The astronaut finally reached the moon. 

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