Kathryn Bernardo Reads Negative Comments About Her! Her Reaction Was Priceless!

Kathryn Bernardo is one of the most famous teen actresses in the industry right now. It started when she became a star in the remake of 'Mara Clara' then she got paired up with Daniel Padilla in 'Growing Up'. After that, a lot of opportunities cam with their loveteam 'KathNiel'.

But not all people claim that she is not really as good as her fans think.

Kathryn got the chance to read mean comments about her. This was the tweets of the people who disliked her. It is really upsetting to read negative comments for you. But she was able to conquer it.

The tweets were composed of Kathryn's laugh, voice, surgeries and even imitating Taylor Swift. But she defended herself by answering the negative comments to her.

Despite this, she still managed to thank her fans.

Source: Preview Mag

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