Lea Salonga Was Assassinated By Filipinos! Must Read!

"Lea Salonga is a Filipino heroine."

Based on the blog entry that Mike E. Sandejas posted, he claims that the Filipinos virtually murdered Lea Salonga in her own country.

Photo Credit: ExtremeReaders

This issue was pertaining to the tweets that she posted regarding the 'Shallowness' which she made a follow up saying that she was not referring to the loveteam.

Mike also said that because of the prestigious awards that Lea gained from Tony and Olivier awards, plus the success that she made internationally, she was a big help to the Philippines.

"She is as much a Filipino Hero as Heneral Luna in the recent trending film. Difference being that she won her battles against foreigners and she wasn’t murdered," Mike said.

The writer exclaimed that the Filipinos do not deserve Lea Salonga because of the attitude that they have shown upon her.

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