Lea Salonga's Tweets Regarding 'Kababawan' Made The Netizens Furious!

The internet is a vast space where people could easily express themselves. But not all people will like whatever you are posting online. 

Because like it or not, there are other people who will bash and hate you despite having no reason to be. 

Photo Credit: Chisms

This is what happened when the 'The Voice Philippines' judge Lea Salonga posted a tweet about Shallowness. The netizens quickly reacted about the post. Some people claim that it was related to the 'AlDub Loveteam'.

Photo Credit: Chisms

People had speculations that this might be for the 'AlDub Nation'. 

But the talented singer Lea Salonga answered the tweets of the people to stop the hatred and don't jump into conclusions regarding a person's tweet. 

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