Miho And Tommy Sweetest Moments Goes Viral . MUST WATCH!

We are all aware that there is a spark between the two housemates, Miho and Tommy. We can still recall how Tommy tried his best just to make Miho believe that he really do like her. 

On Tuesday, Tommy sought help from Big Brother about his feelings for Miho. However, Kuya claims that in order for Miho to be his girlfriend he has to court her in the traditional way.

Roger stood as Tommy's guardian while Dawn as Miho's guardian. Kuya also said that Tommy should ask Dawn's permission before he could court her.

As a challenge, Dawn asked Tommy to do 100 laps in the pool and in every lap he has to say something to Miho.

Miho can't help but be emotional with what she's hearing from Tommy. All those sweet and heart-melting words really made Miho cry.

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