'Most Beautiful Bride' Left Her Photo Shoot To Save A Drowning Man! Heroic!

Not all heroes are wearing capes, some of them are dressed in a beautiful gown.

A nurse in Dalian Central Hospital named Guo Yuanyuan is now being dubbed as the 'most beautiful bride' or 'zuimeixinniang'. It was because of her heroic deed when she decided to leave her photo shoot and rushed to the man who needed help.

Photo Credit : CCTVNews/Facebook

People claimed that the man had a heart attack while he was having fun swimming at the seaside of the resort in the northeast Dalian City in China.

Photo Credit : CCTVNews/Facebook

Meanwhile, the bride-to-be was having her photo shoot at that time in the same location when she noticed that the people were piling up and there was a commotion. Despite of wearing her stunning dress she did not doubt herself, she immediately rushed to the man who needed treatment.

She still insisted on performing CPR even though the man was not breathing.  She continued giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compression for more than 20 minutes, but it was too late. The man was already lifeless, he did not make it.

Photo Credit : CCTVNews/Facebook

Though she did not save the man, she still gained praises from the netizens for the bravery and courage that she has for helping the people who are in need.

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