Muslim Boy Was Arrested After Showing His Homemade Clock To His Teacher! This Will Make You Furious!

The netizens were furious when a 14-year old Muslim got arrested when he brought his homemade clock to the school and showed it to his teacher. 

But instead of gaining praise over a successful invention, Ahmed Mohamed of Irving, Texas gained punishment as he was being arrested. 

The teachers reported that the clock that he showed resembles a bomb but it is not. Ahmed loves to work on things because of his ambition of becoming an Engineer. 

Support for the high school student flooded on Social Media with the hashtag of #IStandWithAhmed. 

US President Barack Obama invited the boy over to the White House to show his incredible invention. The Facebook CEO also wants him to visit Facebook.

They claim that kids who love to build things should be supported because they will be the future of the people. Their wisdom and brightness should be nurtured.

Source: Aljazeera

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