'You're Our Only Hope': OFW Cried Begging For Duterte To Change His Mind!

After Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced that he is not running for the presidential elections, the people who are supporting him mourned. 

One Overseas Filipino Worker caught the attention of the netizens. Her name is Minda Obeidat who is currently working in Qatar for to provide for her family. 

On the video, she was begging and pleading Mayor Duterte to change his mind about running fo the position. 

She explained how hard it is to live in a country with many problems that the other presidents wasn't able to solve like the lack of job opportunities in the country that forces the Filipinos to work abroad for a brighter future. 

Minda claims that Duterte is the only hope. “Please run, I am begging you,", she said. 

Duterte quickly responded that he is still asking for the guidance of God to help him decide on this matter. 

“I am asking God to help me decide, You can count on that.” Duterte said on the phone. 

Source: KickerDaily

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