Support Flooded for 95-Year Old Traditional Tattoo Artist in Kalinga To Be A National Artist!

A campaign was created by the netizens that push Wang-Od to gain recognition as a National Artist of the Philippines. 

Wang-Od is the oldest tattoo artist in Kalinga. She is using the traditional way of putting a tattoo on a person.

Photo Credit: Inkanor

People claim that her mesmerizing skills in applying a tattoo on the skin deserve to be given a recognition. The campaign started off on September 17.

Photo Credit: Loughrenz Aidwourd

A Biology instructor named Edward Laurence Open of Cebu City is the one behind this campaign.

The 95-year old woman is the last 'mamba Barak' in the province of Kalinga. She is known globally because of her practice using the traditional way of applying tattoos on the human body.

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