Park Ranger Stays Beside A Lonely Gorilla That Lost Its Mother! Watch this!

Animals that live in the forest are just like human beings. They have emotions as well. They tend to become attached to habitats and families. And in times of sorrow, they become lonely as well.

A heartbreaking photo was captured as a park ranger was sitting beside the baby gorilla who lost her mother to the poachers.

Photo Credit: EliteReaders

The ranger Patrick Karabaranga, a part of the Virunga National Park in the Eastern part of Congo, was embracing the baby gorilla who went through a very sorrowful incident.

The gorilla responded when he wrapped his arm on the leg of the Ranger. It is as if the two were best friends. The gorilla had found his family with the park ranger.

The gorilla is now being orphaned. The siblings were brought to the park.

Source: EliteReaders

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