Pastillas Girl's Mother Burst Into Tears: "Hindi ko binubugaw ang anak ko!"

On Tuesday, Pastillas girl got a chance to have a heart to heart talk with her mother on It's Showtime! 

Both of them were in tears after they realized what they've done to their lives. The mother of Angelica Jane Yap claims that she felt guilty with what happened to her daughter. She also added that she was sorry for making her daughter feel that no one's there for her.

And also, she said that she was very disappointed after she found out that her daughter joined a sorority. She thought that maybe one of the reasons why her daughter joined is because of their broken family.

What's even more heartbreaking for the part of Angelica's mother is the "Bugaw" issue. She claims that she didn't deliver her daughter just for other people to hurt her! 

"Hindi ko binubugaw ang Anak ko."
"Hindi ko binubugaw ang Anak ko." Emosyonal na sinabi ito ng ina ni Pastillas Girl
Posted by Pastillas Girl on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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  1. si vice na naman? Si joey na mahilig magparinig di naman xa inaano wala kayong komento? Palaibhasa kaugali nyo siguro, asal kalye. Ed di huwaw, lumuhod kayo kay santo joey, bwahaha!