Rapunzel Disorder: Massive Hairball Found Inside A Girl's Stomach!

Did you know that a psychological condition called Rapunzel Syndrome exists? But it does not include a beautiful girl with a long shiny hair like the one in fairy tales. 

This condition is also known as trichophagia which is a disorder that leads the human to eat the hair. It is also associated with another disorder called trichotillomania or another term for a person who could not resist the temptation of pulling out hair. 

Photo Credit: Shariq Allaqaband

But these disorders could lead to a severe condition, a 15-year old girl was diagnosed to have the conditions stated above. 

Her addiction to eating the pulled out hair led her to having abdominal pain and lost her appetite for food. 

Photo Credit: Shariq Allaqaband

Her father Becham Ram took her to the Siddharth Multi-Specialty Hosipal and Research Center to know what is happening. 

The doctors claim that she needs to undergo an operation. A five-foot long hairball was found in her stomach and intestines. 

Photo Credit: Shariq Allaqaband

The operation became successful with the help of Dr. Lal Bahaddur Siddharth and his team. They gave proper treatments. The girl is now on her way to recovery. 

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