He Claims That His Right Ear Is Painful. What They Extracted From It Will Blow You Away!

There had been a lot of videos online that showed how doctors managed to pull out something strange from a human ear. In case you want to watch more, check this out! 

In this video, you can clearly see a man lying on the floor. It turns out that the guy is feeling extreme pain in his right ear.

At first, the friends of this man were still laughing at him because of what he's experiencing, but when they took a closer look to see what's bothering his right ear, they were all surprised! 

Everyone was shocked to see an alive insect inside their friend's ear.

But instead of seeking for a doctor's help and receive treatment, he decided to let his friends pull it out! 

It was indeed successful but you'll surely be scared to see how big the bug that's stuck in his ear is! 

Source: CrackerDaily

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