Rude Woman Cuts In Line At A Gasoline Station Because She Was Riding A 'Private Car'

Whatever your status in the society may be, it does not give you the right to underestimate and discriminate others. It does not matter whether you are rich or poor. The status of your wealth does not give you the right to insult others. 

A Facebook user posted his disappointment towards a woman behind him while he and the taxi that he was riding on was waiting in the Caltex at BF Homes. The woman on Hyundai Tucson rudely asked the gas attendant to fill up her tank first since she was in a 'private car'. 

Photo Credit: Viral4Real

But the attendant knew that the taxi had been waiting there for a few minutes and that they came first. The woman suddenly glared at the taxi driver. The driver just let her go first. 

But the passenger Anthony knew that it was not something that could be tolerated. He approached the woman and they had an argument and he was called him 'Gay'. 

The woman's son contacted Anthony and claims that his mother is battling with sickness causing her rude actions. 

Source: Viral4Real

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