See How Yaya Dub Bids Goodbye To Her Fans! Unbelievable!

Every time that a person suddenly becomes famous, other people tend to look for something wrong with their personal lives. It is their way of trying to break down the person. 

This is what some people claim to do with Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards. They are desperately trying to put down this loveteam because of the fame that they suddenly gained. 

There was a video of how Yaya Dub stopped the Rogelios from  asking her to leave because there were fans out there who wanted to take a selfie with her. 

Now, another video of Maine Mendoza went viral over the social media sites. It is an evidence that Maine truly cares for her fans. Despite the fact that she is already tired because of her work she still managed to bid goodbye to her fans. 

People claim that Yaya Dub is one of the most humble persons there is in the industry. 

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