Showtime Received Complains On Allegations of 'PAMBUBUGAW' on Pastillas Girl

Gabriela Women's Party sent a letter to the Chairman of Movie Television Review and Classification Board regarding the segment of It's Showtime with Pastillas Girl.

The letter that was sent to MTRCB Chairman Atty. Toto Villareal, the party list was asking the department to investigate the segment of the show who appears to be like they were desperately passing 'Pastillas Girl' to different boys.

Photo Credit: Inquirer

The group received a lot of complaints because of the noontime show. The people claim that the show is like pimping Angelica Yap towards different guys.

The General Secretary of Gabriela Joan May Salvador also sends a letter to the Producer of Showtime to answer all the allegations that were being thrown to them.

Gabriela is known for establishing the rights of every woman in the country. They could not just ignore the complains that they are getting because of the happenings on the noontime show of It's Showtime.

Source: Inquirer

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