Sperm Bank In China Offers iPhone 6s In Exchange Of Sperm Donation!

Are you a man who wants to have one of the latest iPhone that Apple has to offer? Well, this is an easy way to have one!

A hospital in the Central China has a great offer for sperm donors. It is equivalent to an iPhone 6s!

Photo Credit: Thrillist

According to a WeChat message that was sent out by two sperm banks, “The bank is seeking donors aged 22 to 45, each to receive £503, while the iPhone 6s is priced at £535 on the mainland.”

The Hubei Human Sperm Bank is having a shortage with their sperm donors. They came up with a marketing strategy that became popular with WeChat accounts. 

Photo Credit: Independent

Domestic Male Fertility has been a problem in China since the 1980s. It reduces annually by 1 percent. Only one single bank is allowed in each province of the country. 

Source: TheDailyPedia

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