SURVEY: Which Show Is Better, Eat Bulaga or Showtime? The Results Were Shocking!

Ever since the fame of the AlDub love team, the viewers, and the netizens kept on comparing the two TV networks, ABS-CBN and GMA.

So, to end all the suspicions about which network is better, a YouTube sensation conducted a survey to find out which noontime show is better.

The result of the survey is somehow a tie because there are lots of people who chose Showtime and there are also a lot of people who chose Eat Bulaga.

Both claim that they aren't watching the counterpart of the show they chose because it's too mainstream and that it only shows the same thing over and over again! 

However, those who chose Eat Bulaga said that they are tired of hearing personal jokes from the Showtime hosts! 

Source: Lloyd, BoyViral

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  1. In my opinion Eat Bulaga is far better than it's show time.
    You can check the popularity here