A bully hit a blind student aggressively what happened next to him is just what he deserves!

Bullying is one of the biggest problems that teenagers could encounter while they were in school. A normal person goes through bullying, but what more if you are blind?

At Huntington Beach High School located in South Californina, a teenager is now being called a hero for the standing up for a blind who is being bullied by another teen. 

One of the bullies started hitting the blind teenager, but thanks to the hero that rushed after the bully to defend the blind teen the bully got knocked down to the ground. 

The friends of the bully gathered up and picked him up while other teenagers are watching them. 

The officials of the school claim that they are now investigating the incident. 

May this incident serve as a lesson for all the people in the world who always picks on someone. There will always be a karma waiting for you. 

Source: Nydailynews

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