Three Year Old Boy Gave A Remote Control To The Judges, When They Pressed The Play Button, Their Hearts Melted!

Who could not resist the charm of this adorable baby who captured the hearts of the people who have seen his performance?

A three-year-old boy named Zhang Junhao took on the stage of a talent competition. He walked on stage with a luggage that looks like a stereo or a speaker. 

When he was asked by the judges on what he would do on the show he claimed that he will be performing several dances.

Zhang Junhao then gave the judges a remote control so that they could press and play to control him. It will also be used to play the song. 

He handed it to the judges and the adorable boy went back to the stage. The charm of the boy quickly melted the hearts of the audience. He was having fun performing on stage. He was dancing as if there was no tomorrow. 

There was even a mix of robotic and mixed martial arts that he performed on stage. 

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