Twitter Sweetheart Pastillas Girl Vs KalyeSerye Star Yaya Dub, Who Is Better?

With the new love team that became famous on It's Showtime, people sense that the rivalry towards Eat Bulaga will be better.

Recently, Angelica Yap AKA Pastillas Girl was featured on the show, whereas she was seeking for the advice of Madam Bertud but suddenly ends up having a Twitter Serye with a man named Jesse Verano Senido.

Pastillas girl had a very bad break up with her last boyfriend who broke up with her and eventually had a relationship with her bestfriend.

With this situation, they are now a rival of the hit love team of Eat Bulaga, the AlDub. Pastillas Girl is now being compared to Maine Mendoza in the sense of making the crowd go crazy over their love team.

There is no doubt that these two women are beautiful in their own ways. Who do you think is better? Share us your thoughts below!

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