Unbelievable 59-Year-Old Grandmother Fashion Model Will Make Your Jaw Drop. I Can't Believe It!

A 59 year-old grandmother is still posing as Model for famous international and signature brands like Hermes, Macy's, Marks & Spencer, and many more. Her name is Yasmina Rossi, a French fashion model, photographer and ceramist.

She seemed to have found the fountain of youth, as you can see in her pictures in bikini. Many of us still can't believe how she was able to maintain her good health, beautiful face and body. She told in a magazine interview that there is no big secret - and the only thing she ever do is eat organic food such as organic meat and fish, as well as eating an avocado a day.

She also shared in an interview that she scrubs her skin with oil and sugar, and put rapeseed oil on her hair.

Truly, there is no secret to being young. Choosing the right food is the key to be healthy.

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