Vice Ganda's Reaction To The Bashers and Haters Of It's Showtime!

It can't be denied that Angelica Yap, also known as 'Pastillas Girl' helped the noontime show of ABS-CBN increase their ratings all over the world. 

Vice Ganda was able to give Pastillas Girl a break in their show. Their aim is to find the best suitor that they could for the woman. But it was not all praises for Angelica and Showtime as well. 

Along with their success in launching the new segment of the show. People claimed that they copied the segment of the rival network, which includes the loveteam of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza

But Vice Ganda has a message for all the people who are spending their time bashing the show. 

"Yun ang nalulungkot ako ngayon. Ginagamit ng mga tao ang social media para manakit ng damdamin. Ginagamit ng mga tao ang social media para magpabagsak ng paniniwala.."

This is the advice that he gave for the partner of Agelica Yap, Jess Senido. It only shows how powerful the social media is.

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