Controversial: Who Is The Real Pastillas girl? Find Out Here!

We are all aware of the viral video of the pastillas girl right? But is she the real owner of the recipe? Is she the real pastillas girl?

After the video of the said Pastillas girl named Angelica Jane Yap has gone viral online, issues and controversies were thrown to her after a girl named Miel Francisco claimed that she's the real owner of that recipe. 

We can still recall that Angelica first claimed that she did the video because of her boyfriend who left her for her best friend. However, after the post of Miel Francisco has gone viral online wherein she talks about her pastillas recipe, Angelica then said that she never intended to make the video go viral and that it was just made for fun! 

Because of this issue, the netizens are eager to find out who's the real pastillas girl.

They found out that Miel was the real owner of the recipe. She made the recipe and turn it into a photo which gained thousands of likes and shares! 

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