Woman Married Her Fiance Who Passed Away To Prove Her True Love For Him!

Love knows no boundaries, not even death could help two people who truly love each other. 

Tel Madrona Talusan is a living proof that the death of his partner and fiance Rumpel will not stop her from continuing their plans of marrying each other.

This is one of the most heartbreaking scenes that Tel had to face in her young life, but she bravely stood beside her fiance. All the plans of growing old with him were suddenly brushed away in the winds. 

Photo Credti: Tel Madrona Talusan's facebook page

She courageously and wholeheartedly claimed that she wanted to continue marrying Rumpel. While the man was peacefully lying on his coffin, she bid her final farewell for the love of her life. Now, she needed to face the world without her better half.

On her Official Facebook Account Tel claims, "Mahal ko, hindi man to tulad ng kasal sa loob ng simbahan, wala mang papel bilang patunay ng kasunduan, alam ko na sa mata ng diyos ako at ikaw ay iisa bilang mag-asawa." 

Source; Manilafeed

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