'Yema Making Recipe' By Pastillas Girl Angelica Yap Goes Viral

Pastillas Girl became famous when she appeared in the noontime show, It's Showtime. She quickly gained fame as people were moved by her story. 

21-year old Angelica Yap became viral when her recipe of making Pastillas took over the social media sites. It was mixed along with hugot lines for the broken hearted. 

But that was not the end for Pastillas Girl, now she has a new video that will teach you how to make a 'Yema'.

These desserts are the all-time favorite of Filipinos that is why it quickly spread out like a wildfire. 

However, not all people are pleased with her video recipe of making 'Yema'. It contains some languages which should not be watched by kids. Some people claimed that it is not a good influence for the teens and kids of this generation. 

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  1. korni mo, Paatillas Girl? e yema na yang tinuturo mo? Out of Character Girl dapat.