She Poured 2 Bottles Of Coke On Her Hair! The Result Is Truly Incredible!

It is a fact that women tend to spend money over expensive hair products with fabulous labels that promise remarkable outcomes. 

But not every product has the results that they said they would do. So a lot of girls are continuously doing experiments on what they could use for their hair. 

It opens them up to new possibilities of using different things on their hair to make it appear more natural and make it look good. 

But this woman wanted to take it to a different level. She claims that this is the first time that she will be doing this experiment

She puts on 2 bottles of coke on a basin and started soaking her hair in it. After a few minutes, she decided to rinse her hair and blow dried it. 

The results were shocking! No one really expected that it would turn out to be like this. 

See what happened with her experiment. 

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