AlDub Fans Allegedly Created Religion Worshiping Alden And Yaya Dub? Shocking!

Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards are one of the hottest love teams of this generation. The joy that they have given to the fans was unexpected. 

But now people are taking it to extreme measures as 150 people decided to create their own worshiping religion to hail Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. 

The people dubbed their religion as 'Maka-Aldub Banal na isinugo ni Hesu Kristo'. They claim that the people inside the religion believes that Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards was sent from above to save the mankind from all of their sins. 

The song 'God Gave Me You' is their preach song. They are required to sing it and to give 50 pesos every worship time to be able to gain funds for the building of a better worshiping place.

Despite that this news spread like a wildfire online, people claim they still don't have proofs and evidence that such religion is existing. However, other people claim that the haters and the bashers of the AlDub love team are the ones who spread this news!

Though this news spread like a wildfire, there were no evidences that this religion is true. The researchers are still looking for evidences to prove that such religion exists.

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