'Arrogant' Customer Humiliates The Restaurant Owner That She Mistaken As A Service Crew. Must Read!

Some people grow old but never grow up. This is what a Facebook user named Ayeen Valdezco-Regalado pointed out on the unfortunate incident that took place in their small startup restaurant. 

A very rude customer started attacking her claiming that what she ordered was different from the meal that got served. She said that it was a 'pork chop' instead of the 'liempo' that she wanted to have. 

Knowing that she served the right food, Ayeen decided to talk politely to her customer who does not know that she was the owner of the restaurant. 

Photo Credit: Ayeen Regalado

After Ayeen has proven that she served her the liempo, the customer got so mad and went insane shouting and poking her fork an inch away from Ayeen's eyes. 

That was when the conversation heated up. The customer was saying all kinds of negative things to save herself from the humiliation that she had created. 

Then woman insisted that the customer is always right. She was still pointing her finger towards the owner. 

Check out the full story of the incident here:

Photo Credit: Ayeen Regalado

Being the customer does not give you the right to insult and belittle the people who are serving you. If you wanted to gain respect then you must clearly show respect to other people as well.

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