Atheist Dentist Claims That God Does Not Exists. How The Patient Prove It Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes!

How do we really know that God does exists? Well, we don't. You just need to open your heart and mind and keep your faith.

This conversation between a dentist and a man would open your eyes to the world and to the existence of the Creator.

The Dentists say that he strongly does not believe in God. Because if there is a God, why does the community problems such as poverty, hunger and other societal problems exist. He also said that no God would let the world in war.

But he did not expect the answer of the patient. He said that he does not believe in dentists either. Because if dentists exist, why are there people with broken teeth and smiles.

This statement made the dentist think twice about the message he gave about the existence of God.

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