Basher Raised Dirty Finger At Maine Mendoza's Cardboard Poster! Shocking!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But it does not give you the right to bash other people, especially if they are not doing something to you. 

With the fame the Maine Mendoza gained as becoming the Yaya Dub, a lot of haters emerged as well. These bashers are the people who are constantly trying to bring her back down. 

But one specific basher gained the attention of the AlDub Nation as she acted uneducated. Maine Mendoza's life size poster in McDonald's are spread out everywhere. A woman named Aprilprincess Gelito Miralles decided to put all her hatred to the poster when she raised her middle finger in front of Maine Mendoza's face. 

Photo Credit: Aprilprincess Gelito Miralles

She said that she really doesn't like Maine. She even mentioned that she doesn't want to be compared to Yaya Dub. 

Photo Credit: Aprilprincess Gelito Miralles

People claim that what she did was hitting below the belt. The netizens got angry because of her actions. 

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